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Learn how to add 300-500 NEW, Highly Qualified Subscribers
that are READY to BUY from YOU, in just 60-90 days

This 14 Day, List Building Site Challenge is an EVERGREEN Challenge! Take it at your pace! You'll have LIFETIME access to the Challenge Content!

What we'll cover in this Challenge

Here is what you'll learn each day

DAy 1 - Concepts & Prep

Challenge prerequisites and prep, concepts, introduction to different lead magnets, prepping your site to setup the right lead magnets, tools & platforms. 

Day 2 - Explode your ROI using Email List Segmentation

The key to building your list and keeping your list engaged is to make each message as relevant and personal as possible. You'll learn how to do it using tags in this lesson.

Day 4 - Quiz Demos and Ideas for Your Own Quizzes

You'll learn how to build game changing quizzes that stand out using Smart Quiz Builder. I'll show you several quiz demos that will help you come up with ideas for your own quizzes.

Day 3 - The Power of Quizzes in List Building

You'll learn how to use the power of quizzes to build and grow your email list faster than ever before with real world examples from successful marketers.

Day 5 - How to Offer Lead Magnets from a Membership Site

You'll learn how you can easily create different types of lead magnets, and offer it all from a centralized place such as a membership site. I'll show you several examples including how I create and deliver lead magnets from my site.

Day 6 - Step by Step Lead Magnet Implementation

I'll show you step-by-step how to create and offer different types of digital products from your membership site - PDF, checklist, worksheet, etc. You can use it as a lead magnet, offer it for a one-off fee and/or with your membership. 

Day 8 - Custom Audience in Facebook based on Outcome or Answer

You'll learn how to create custom audience in Facebook to get it to show your ad to people that are more likely to take your desired action. It could be based on specific quiz outcomes or specific answers they pick. 

Day 7 - Facebook Quiz Ad Examples

I'll show you several quiz-based Facebook ads from successful marketers, how they are using quizzes to generate low cost high quality leads, how they have optimized their ads to target the right people and get them click and convert.

Day 9 - How Amy Porterfield uses Quizzes for List Building

Amy Porterfield is the queen of list building. Over the years, I've closely observed her list building strategies and in this lesson, I've shared multiple ways she uses quizzes for list building. 

DAY 10 - Find Out What Your Users Really Want

There's a difference between what you think your audience wants vs what they actually want. Today I'll show you exactly how to setup a feedback loop on autopilot so you can find out exactly what your prospects will pay for! 

DAY 12 - Personalization matters more than ever

What is content personalization and how you can serve tag-based personalized content based on specific answers, on your quiz outcome page where your prospects feel like you really get them. 

DAY 11 - How to create scoring quizzes that convert

You'll learn step-by-step how to create assessments and scoring quizzes that stand out and will help you generate high quality leads for your business.  

DAy 13 - BTS - how to build an ultra personalized quiz

Today I'll take you behind-the-scenes to show you step-by-step how to build an ultra personalized quiz using tags. You will be able to connect with your prospects like never before once you implement this strategy in your quizzes. 

DAY 14 - Conclusion

We'll review everything we covered in this challenge! I'll also do a call to go over everything I covered in this challenge. You can ask me any questions specific to your site on this call.

Traffic & Conversions

List Building Challenge! 

Step-by-Step Blueprint to help you add 300-500 new, highly qualified prospects to your list that are ready and eager to buy from you!

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There's NOT a single course or challenge on list building, at this price, that's this actionable, and will get you results from day 1 of implementation!

If you have signed up, congrats! I'm positive you'll love every single lesson in this challenge. I'm so proud of the content because no one has ever covered list building the way I've done in this challenge.

No high level fluff. Every lesson is actionable and easy-to-implement plus I'll show you step-by-step how to implement.

Email is still the single biggest revenue driver online. Your email list is your biggest asset when it comes to growing your online business. No better way to end 2022, and start 2023 than completing this challenge and implementing what I've shared in this challenge to generate highly qualified leads that are ready to buy your stuff!

This is an evergreen challenge. You can take it anytime. You'll have LIFETIME access to the challenge content in your member dashboard. 

This challenge is about to change the direction of your business for good! In this challenge. Let's go!

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List Building Challenge (Traffic + Conversions)

300-500 NEW, Highly Qualified Subscribers that are READY to BUY from you in just 60-90 days!

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