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Instant Results after Implementing this Challenge!

After Completing Day 1 Of This Challenge, one of our users built this plan for her membership site! 
After Completing Day 2 Of This Challenge, one of our users built this plan for his membership site! 
After Completing Day 3 Of This Challenge..., one of the users posted this message in my group and also built a challenge of her own! 
What A Gamechanger This Challenge Is!

Hi, Veena

Thank you for the excellent challenge, training, and personal support.  I'm going over each lesson carefully and (wow) I understand how effective the framework will be.   

Most of all, DAP allows me to actually multiply the work I am doing and without your program I would simply not be able to make it work.

The three handouts are especially helpful.  I needed that extra step to think through my goals. The questions on the spreadsheet gave me more confidence that I actually do know what I am doing.  Again, I will be able to process and plan easily with the challenge and course worksheets---- you provided exactly what will help me succeed with this challenge.

This challenge has gotten me unstuck. 

I am so appreciative of the time you've spent designing this for us.

Judy Steidl

"Why didn't I think of that"

Once you said it, I was like "Well that’s so obvious, and such smart thinking … why didn’t I think of that!"

Shelley Holmes

I'm blown away...
Framework First, Content Later...

I'm so excited for this challenge because it will be the opportunity for me to do exactly what you say in the Intro video of the challenge - build out the framework and fill it in with specific content later. - Margie Altwies Beiswanger

I've Been On A Roll...

I've been on a roll with the Membership Site Challenge and finished as far as I can. I've done everything in the assignments for two of my memberships. Is it possible to keep going? - Cindy Wyckoff

 Cindy Wyckoff