Webhosting Recommendations

DAP, SQB and our other plugins works off-the-shelf on almost all web hosts. But as in any industry, some hosts are just outdated. Some are just not helpful. And some just don’t have a clue!

So, if you had the choice of picking a new web host, then here are the web hosts we use ourselves, and recommend, and they have everything readily available that DAP, SQB and our other plugins need to run smoothly.

Hosts Not Recommended
GoDaddy is great for registering your domain names. For hosting? From our experience, not so much. Not a fan of their tech support.

What Does It Mean If Your Host Is Not Listed Here?
If your host is not shown here, then don’t worry – it doesn’t mean that DAP / SQB won’t work on your host.  We just recommend what we use ourselves or have done countless installations on for our DAP / SQB users, and highly recommend (or recommend against, in some cases) if you have the option of picking a new web host.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products and services that we absolutely love and believe in. When recommending such third-party products or services, we may sometimes use affiliate links, which means if you go on to purchase the product or service recommended, we may earn a commission from those purchases.