We offer 4 different plans. 

You can pick the one that best fits your needs. Your certification will be based on the plan you sign up for, and you’ll be listed on our site as a certified user of DAP!

✅ Just DAP (Group Call)

DAP is a comprehensive membership/LMS plugin for WordPress. If you want to get trained and certified only on DAP, you can sign up for this one. It includes training in DAP, SPC, and GoP but does not include SQB, LBB, or SFB plugins.

✅ SQB and SFB (Group Call)

Smart Quiz Builder (SQB) is a very popular quiz platform for WordPress, and Smart Forum Builder (SFB) is a powerful community platform for WordPress.

If you want to be certified in one or both of these plugins, sign up for this package!

All Plugins (Group Call)

This is our most popular package. If you want to earn a certificate in all of our plugins – DAP, SQB, SFB, LBB, etc., this is the BEST package! You’ll be listed on all of these sites as a certified expert with a link to your offer page.

✅ One-on-One Call 

Can’t make it to the live calls? Want more personalized one-on-one training? Signup for this package! 

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