The Ultimate Newsletter Challenge: Everything You Need to Know to Start and Grow a Successful Email Newsletter!

In this challenge, you'll learn how to craft engaging newsletters for your subscribers, from creating the content and design to setting up and launching your newsletter the right way!

Zakia Ringgold

"I am once again blown away by Veena's style and actionable training"

I'm a late starter to the newsletter challenge but I am once again blown away by Veena's style and actionable training. I just completed Lesson 4 and have successfully used her templates to create the newsletter sign up page and the contents of my welcome email.

Although I don't have images to add to the newsletter header or the complete design of the sign-up page I feel like this is giving me a solid foundation with very minor to-do's for me to do later. What I appreciate the most is that I'm actually making progress in the areas that have traditionally tripped me up and caused me to procrastinate in the past. No more trying to figure out what to say. Veena is giving us the what to say and more importantly the why!

"Signup for my newsletter" is NOT going to help you get new subscribers

This 7 Day Challenge will show you Step-By-Step How You Can Double Your Newsletter subscriptions with a Few simple tweaks

By the end of this challenge, you'll be able to confidently create an effective newsletter from scratch


Day 1: Introduction / Prep

Introduction to this challenge, what you'll learn, what you need to prep for this challenge and the tools you need to complete this challenge!


Day 2: The Anatomy of a Successful Email Newsletter

In this lesson, I've broken down all of the key components of a newsletter! I've also shared several examples to show you what goes into an engaging newsletter and what all successful newsletters have in common.

You'll learn exactly what to say on your newsletter landing page, what to say on your thank you page, and what you can do to reduce your email unsubscribes! Also, the pros and cons of making your list double opt-in and my recommendation.


Day 3: The MOST Important Email - Your Welcome Email

Your welcome email is the MOST important email of your newsletter. It'll help you set expectations and reduce your unsubscribes.

You'll learn:
1. How to get emails to land in your subscriber's inbox.
2. What to send in your welcome email.
3. What is a trigger link and how to set it up.
4. How to get your subscriber's attention.
5. How to assign tags and segment in your email platform.


Day 4: Behind-the-scenes of my email newsletter

I'm going to show you step-by-step how I've setup my email newsletter. You can also download my quiz template, import to your site, make the necessary updates to it and use it.

I'll show you:
1. My newsletter opt-in page! From the design to the content, I'll break down everything for you.
2. My newsletter thank you page!  
3. My double-opt-in email content.
4. My newsletter signup strategy.
5. Where should you publish the quiz on your newsletter opt-in page?
6. How you can test the entire user experience.
7. How I've added a link to my newsletter in the main menu.


Day  5: Deep Dive Survey

Collecting and reviewing feedback and using it to come up with newsletter content topics is key to the growth of your newsletter.

There's an art to collecting newsletter feedback.

You'll learn:

How to ask for feedback? What to say in the email?
How to send email / name to your survey page from the email so users don't have to enter it (using SQB's auto-submit feature)
What questions you should ask in your survey?
How you can use answer choices to assign tag and segment in your email platform?
How to get users to rate your current newsletter issue?


Day 6: Paid vs Free Newsletter Subscription

Should you make your newsletter free or paid? Should you offer your newsletter from your membership site? What are the benefits of using your membership site to create, manage and deliver your newsletter.

How do you set it all up in your membership platform? How do you get people to signup for your paid newsletter? How to automate everything from quiz-based signup to welcome email to adding subscribers to your email platform? Should you protect your FREE newsletter content?

Find answer to all of these questions and also step-by-step implementation in this lesson.


Day  7: 13 Game Changing Newsletter Growth Strategies

On the final day on this challenge, I'll leave you with 13 incredible, game changing newsletter strategies! It'll help you grow your newsletter faster than ever before!

Blaine Hadlock

"This is the way THEY did it, now I'm going to show you a better way!"

Ok Veena. You promised I'd love Day 5 of the Newsletter Challenge and boy did you deliver. I always like it when you say: "This is the way THEY did it, now I'm going to show you a better way!" No stone unturned, no convoluted or lame description, just 'here's the tools, this is how you set it up.' And then the piece of resistance - downloadable templates. Outstanding!! Thank you

Learn Step-by-Step How to Create an Email Newsletter the RIGHT WAY

how to setup your newsletter

How to setup your newsletter - from start to finish

How to create/design your newletter page

I'll show you how to design your newsletter signup page (and the copy) so it stands out and helps you get the attention of your site visitors.


How to ask for feedback and automate it so you are sending relevant content in your newsletter. This is key to reducing the number of unsubscribes.


What to say in your newsletter welcome email because this is the email with the highest open rate.

6 Awesome Bonuses

Newsletter Planner

This newsletter planner will help to create a plan and a schedule for your newsletter so you don't run out of content ideas and are able to consistently send the emails.

Welcome Email Template

Your welcome email is the most important email. It has the highest open rate. You'll be able to download 2 readymade email templates. Make minor tweaks and use it! 


You can download my ratings/review template as well. Upload to your site and make it your own. You'll need Smart Quiz Builder to use this template.

Deep Dive Survey

You can download my deep dive survey template, upload to your site and make it your own. You'll need Smart Quiz Builder to use this template.

Opt-in Form

You can download my Opt-in Form that also comes with a quiz.  Upload to your site and make it your own. You'll need Smart Quiz Builder to use this template.

My Opt-in and Thank You Page Template

You can download my newsletter opt-in page and thank you page templates. You'll need Thrive Architect as your page builder to import and use this template. 

Cindy Wyckoff

I love this newsletter challenge. I've been on a roll doing each lesson every day and staying on track.

Getting everything setup and in place. I'm looking forward to launching it.

Thanks so much to Veena and her 7-day Newsletter Challenge for finally helping me put all of the pieces in place. I now have an attractive and functional way to collect leads and put them into a free membership for marketing purposes.

If you are looking for a powerful way to build your list, take Veena's 7-Day Newsletter Challenge! (Just give yourself a few extra days to finish up the loose ends!) Make sure to give yourself at least an hour or two a lesson to implement each day.

Duncan Goheen

Thanks Veena! Really appreciate the step by step instruction in the newsletter challenge. Excellent. Thanks for excellent content and instruction. 

And yes -- you did overdeliver - as always.

Easy to follow, very practical and very helpful. The 'welcome email' lesson was very helpful in many ways - engagement, segmentation and much more.

Thank you, Veena!

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