The Ultimate Email Newsletter Challenge

Everything You Need to Know to Start and Grow a Successful Email Newsletter!

In this 7 Day Newsletter Challenge, you'll learn step-by-step, how to craft newsletters that captivate your subscribers, develop compelling content, design eye-catching layouts and capture feedback that allows you to tailor your newsletters to the needs and preferences of your subscribers

Zakia Ringgold

"I am once again blown away by Veena's style and actionable training"

I'm a late starter to the newsletter challenge but I am once again blown away by Veena's style and actionable training. I just completed Lesson 4 and have successfully used her templates to create the newsletter sign up page and the contents of my welcome email.

Although I don't have images to add to the newsletter header or the complete design of the sign-up page I feel like this is giving me a solid foundation with very minor to-do's for me to do later. What I appreciate the most is that I'm actually making progress in the areas that have traditionally tripped me up and caused me to procrastinate in the past. No more trying to figure out what to say. Veena is giving us the what to say and more importantly the why!

Take it at your own pace

The challenge lessons are in the member dashboard. Login and access it whenever you want!

Whether you're just starting out, looking to take your newsletter to the next level or want to start a paid newsletter to monetize your content, this challenge will give you the exact framework, steps and the confidence to launch and stick with publishing your newsletter.

What you'll learn in this challenge

And what our students are saying... in their own words!

Day 1: Introduction / Prep

Introduction to this challenge, what you'll learn, what you need to prep for this challenge and the tools you need to complete this challenge!

Just when you thought you knew how to configure and host your newsletter, Veena provides more impactive choices. Thank you even more definitive ideas and the logic behind them. 

Day 2:  The Anatomy of a Successful Email Newsletter

In this lesson, I've broken down all of the key components of a newsletter! I've also shared several examples to show you what goes into an engaging newsletter and what all successful newsletters have in common.

You'll learn exactly what to say on your newsletter landing page, what to say on your thank you page, and what you can do to reduce your email unsubscribes! Also, the pros and cons of making your list double opt-in and my recommendation.

Got everything done - this is the best looking sign-up page, opt-in, and thank you page I've ever created and I LOVE that I can use SQB as the form and be able to ask an informative question with it! 

Great Content, can't wait to get to Day 3!

Day 3: The MOST Important Email - Your Welcome Email

Your welcome email is the MOST important email of your newsletter. It'll help you set expectations and reduce your unsubscribes.

You'll learn:
1. How to get emails to land in your subscriber's inbox.
2. What to send in your welcome email.
3. What is a trigger link and how to set it up.
4. How to get your subscriber's attention.
5. How to assign tags and segment in your email platform.

Good lesson. I was able to get it all done! I've used your template (modified for my newsletter) and will replace more of the page by the time the challenge is complete. (right now, it still includes some of your stuff) I'll also convert to Elementor since that is my preferred page builder.

The user experience is good. Sign up form, newsletter opt in page, newsletter thank you page, automated email going out via ActiveCampaign. Tomorrow, I can work on the email copy.

Day 4: Behind-the-scenes of my email newsletter

I'm going to show you step-by-step how I've setup my email newsletter. You can also download my quiz template, import to your site, make the necessary updates to it and use it.

I'll show you:
1. My newsletter opt-in page! From the design to the content, I'll break down everything for you.
2. My newsletter thank you page!  
3. My double-opt-in email content.
4. My newsletter signup strategy.
5. Where should you publish the quiz on your newsletter opt-in page?
6. How you can test the entire user experience.
7. How I've added a link to my newsletter in the main menu.

This 'welcome email' lesson is very helpful in many ways - engagement, segmentation and much more.

Fran Piggot

Great information, including how to maximize SEO by posting newsletters first in a blog. Iā€™m thinking today of best practices for blogs. 

Day  5: Deep Dive Survey

Collecting and reviewing feedback and using it to come up with newsletter content topics is key to the growth of your newsletter.

There's an art to collecting newsletter feedback.

You'll learn:

How to ask for feedback? What to say in the email?
How to send email / name to your survey page from the email so users don't have to enter it (using SQB's auto-submit feature)
What questions you should ask in your survey?
How you can use answer choices to assign tag and segment in your email platform?
How to get users to rate your current newsletter issue?

Ok Veena. You promised I'd love Day 5 of the Newsletter Challenge and boy did you deliver. I always like it when you say: "This is the way THEY did it, now I'm going to show you a better way!" No stone unturned, no convoluted or lame description, just 'here's the tools, this is how you set it up.' And then the piece of resistance - downloadable templates. Outstanding!! Thank you. 

Woohoo! Did it. Squeaked it in before midnight. This is my deep dive email which goes to the survey page to collect the info. 

Ron Wilder

Day 6: Paid vs Free Newsletter Subscription

Should you make your newsletter free or paid? Should you offer your newsletter from your membership site? What are the benefits of using your membership site to create, manage and deliver your newsletter.

How do you set it all up in your membership platform? How do you get people to signup for your paid newsletter? How to automate everything from quiz-based signup to welcome email to adding subscribers to your email platform? Should you protect your FREE newsletter content?

Find answer to all of these questions and also step-by-step implementation in this lesson.

Very enlightening - gave me great perspective on the use of newsletters and ideas of how I can use them. Thanks so much for this training!

Day  7: 13 Game Changing Newsletter Growth Strategies

On the final day on this challenge, I'll leave you with 13 incredible, game changing newsletter strategies! It'll help you grow your newsletter faster than ever before!

Veena I really appreciate the time and effort that you have put into this challenge! Thank you! You are taking my newsletter and making it possible to get it into the hands of more people who need it!

Really appreciate the step by step instruction in the newsletter challenge. Excellent. Thanks for excellent content and instruction.

This 7 Day Challenge will show you Step-By-Step How You Can Double Your Newsletter subscriptions with a Few simple tweaks

šŸŽ 6 Awesome Bonuses šŸŽ

Newsletter Planner

This newsletter planner will help to create a plan and a schedule for your newsletter so you don't run out of content ideas and are able to consistently send the emails.

Welcome Email Template

Your welcome email is the most important email. It has the highest open rate. You'll be able to download 2 readymade email templates. Make minor tweaks and use it! 


You can download my ratings/review template as well. Upload to your site and make it your own. You'll need Smart Quiz Builder to use this template.

Deep Dive Survey

You can download my deep dive survey template, upload to your site and make it your own. You'll need Smart Quiz Builder to use this template.

Opt-in Form

You can download my Opt-in Form that also comes with a quiz.  Upload to your site and make it your own. You'll need Smart Quiz Builder to use this template.

My Opt-in and Thank You Page Template

You can download my newsletter opt-in page and thank you page templates. You'll need Thrive Architect as your page builder to import and use this template. 

Blaine Hadlock

"This is the way THEY did it, now I'm going to show you a better way!"

Ok Veena. You promised I'd love Day 5 of the Newsletter Challenge and boy did you deliver. I always like it when you say: "This is the way THEY did it, now I'm going to show you a better way!" No stone unturned, no convoluted or lame description, just 'here's the tools, this is how you set it up.' And then the piece of resistance - downloadable templates. Outstanding!! Thank you

Learn Step-by-Step How to Create an Email Newsletter the RIGHT WAY

newsletter Setup

How to setup your newsletter - from start to finish. No more stressing about implementation or tech!

Eye Catching Design

I'll show you how to design eye-catching layouts that captivates your subscribers!

Reduce unsubscribes

How to get your email to land in the inbox and not the spam folder, and the strategy to help you reduce your unsubcribes.


You'll also discover the secrets to writing a compelling welcome email that sets the tone for your entire relationship with your subscribers.

Deep Dive Survey 

Learn the strategy behind email surveys! From what to say to how to get you subscribers to give you valuable feedback that allows you to tailor your newsletters to their needs. 


I'll show you how to use teaser content to get your subscribers curious where they would want to unlock the rest of the content hidden behind a paywall.

If you want to be successful as a creator, you need a newsletter!

A lot people are struggling to build an audience. Social media engagement is going down. You're writing articles that you can't get people to read. You compare yourself to people that are less skilled or knowledgeable but seem to be crushing it. You are frustrated and almost ready to give up...

Sounds familiar?

Hi there! My name is Veena Prashanth. I'm the co-founder / co-developer of (DAP) - a Popular Membership Plugin for WordPress, and the founder / developer of Smart Quiz Builder - a Quiz Plugin for WordPress.

I'm a techie and I love marketing! I only teach what I've tried myself and gotten results from. My passion for helping people get real results with my products is reflected in both my coaching and content. When you learn from me, you can trust that you're getting actionable advice that will make a tangible difference in your business.

Whether you're just starting out and haven't yet created a newsletter, struggling to grow your existing subscriber list, or ready to take your newsletter to the next level, this challenge is for you. This newsletter challenge will equip you with the knowledge and the strategies you need to create a newsletter that engages your audience, builds your brand, and drives more signups and sales.

This is a self-paced challenge. You can watch the lessons in your dashboard whenever you want. The main thing is to watch the videos and complete the actions items. You'll need about 2 hours to watch the videos and another 4-5 hours to implement what you learn.

If you get stuck at any point, I'm here with my team to help! You'll also get access to my challenge Facebook group. Lets go! šŸ’Ŗ

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