7 Day Profitable Sales Funnel Challenge

Learn how to generate consistent, reliable sales, using simple, easy-to-build, automated funnels, with your existing products and servicesin just 7 days!

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Hi there! I'm Veena Prashanth! 👋

I'm a techie marketer! 

I created a 1-click PayPal Upsell Plugin back in 2010! It was the first of it's kind. I also wrote an Amazon Best Selling book about Upsells back in 2014!  

Yes, I think about funnels differently than most marketers that teach funnels! Everything I teach is based on years of experience, continual testing (I never preach what I haven’t practiced!), and content that's crafted to suit anyone no matter what part of the journey they’re on. I don't teach outdated stuff!

If you are just starting out or struggling to sell your products, the last thing you should be doing is building out a complex funnel with multiple levels of upsells and downsells! 


Because one size does not fit all when it comes to funnels. I've never understood why people get busy building funnels when they haven't even launched their first product yet! No one is buying the stuff you are upselling if you have not sold anything yet!  

So what should you do instead?

"I'm not able to convert my list into sales"

Back in 2014, when I wrote the book about upsells, I didn't know even 1% of what I know now about funnels! In the last 9 years, I have created all kinds of funnels for my own sites, as well as for our customers. I know what works and what doesn't.

Traditional funnels are one where you send traffic to your lead magnet offer, then upsell them your low-cost frontend offer, and then your core offer, followed by membership or service offer. These funnels are great if you already have a successful business and are looking to scale! 

But if you are in the, "I'm not able to convert my list into sales" or "my products are not selling" phase, this is NOT the right funnel for YOU!

So what's the RIGHT Funnel for YOU?

If you are new to the online business world or are struggling to sell, the type of funnels you should be building are what I call 'easy money funnel' and 'quiz funnel done right' type of funnels! These powerful, evergreen yet often overlooked funnels will work for YOU no matter where you are in your business journey! 

The good news for you...

These funnels will TRANSFORM your business

In this 7-day challenge, I'll show you simple, easy-to-build, data-centric funnels that will TRANSFORM your business, no matter if you are just getting started or have been doing this for a bit, using your existing content and products!

I want to help you maximize what you get out of the traffic on your site. Whether you are sending traffic to your site using paid ads, or sending people on your email list to a new offer you have on your site, the goal is to maximize what you can get out of people that are on your site. 

A conversion-optimized home page or sales page will generate: 

👉 A sale --OR--
👉 A qualified prospect on your email list

This is EXACTLY you'll learn how to implement, step-by-step, in my 7 day, no fluff, sales funnel challenge! 

What you'll learn in this challenge

Nothing worth having comes easy, but one thing I see quite often is that when it comes to marketing, tech, and sales, people tend to overcomplicate things and make it way harder on themselves than necessary. 

Let's fix that when it comes to building funnels, shall we?

By the end of this challenge, you would have built a few evergreen funnels that will work for you even when you sleep! 

DAY 1: Easy Money Funnel

One of the simplest funnels you can add is what I call "easy money funnel". It's super effective yet often overlooked. You'll learn step-by-step, how to build an easy money funnel for your business. You'll also get access to my pre-built templates.

Tools 🛠️ - Just SmartQuizBuilder.com (SQB)

DAY 2: Quiz Funnel Done Right

You'll learn how to build quiz funnels the right way to grow and scale your online business. I'll share an awesome example of quiz funnel done right! You'll also get access to my pre-built templates.

Tools  - Just SmartQuizBuilder.com (SQB)

DAY 3: Conversion-Optimized Sales Page

Sales page not converting? Well, there's a reason for that! Either your offer is not right for your audience or you just haven't nailed your message! You'll learn how to create a conversion-optimized sales page that will help you get attention of your prospects, keep their attention and convert them into customers! 

Tools  - SmartQuizBuilder.com (SQB) + Your Page Builder

DAY 4: Agency + Coach/Consultant Funnel

If you are an agency or a coach/consultant, you need a marketing funnel that helps you guide your prospects to the right service / package / offer based on their needs, wants, situation and budget! This is exactly you'll learn in this challenge.

Tools  - Just SmartQuizBuilder.com (SQB)

DAY 5: Profit Funnel

How to build a product funnel where you can send traffic to your lead magnet or your frontend offer, but add a right type of profit maximizer funnel behind it! 

Tools  - DigitalAccessPass.com --OR-- Your Membership + Cart Plugin.

DAY 6: Challenge / Course Funnel

If you sell courses or challenges, this is a must-have funnel! You'll learn how to launch a successful course or challenge funnel in this challenge.

Tools  - DigitalAccessPass.com --OR-- Your LMS + Cart Plugin.

DAY 7: Free or $1 Trial + Membership Funnel

If you sell memberships, this is a no-brainer funnel to get more people to signup for your membership! You can do this on the checkout or post-purchase! 

Tools  - DigitalAccessPass.com --OR-- Your Membership + Cart Plugin.

Is this challenge RIGHT for YOU?

Who is it for?

  • If you have an online business, new or existing, but you don't know where to start or you offer is not selling!
  • You have a list but not able to convert it into sales.
  • You are not making enough to afford paid traffic.
  • Your dream is to make a big impact but you just are not getting any momentum even though you have a great product/offer.
  • You are motivated to grow and scale their business, and are ready to take action! Just want to know the steps to do it right.

Who is it NOT for?

  • If you are looking for motivation to take action and grow your business. This challenge is for those that are already motivated and will take the action required to complete this challenge. 
  • If you can't spare 1 hour a day, for 7 days, at your own pace, to implement what I teach in this challenge.

Start making easy, reliable, profitable sales of your products and services every single day


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Launch is on July 31st!

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