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Everything! You'll get access to ALL of the courses, challenges, trainings, bonuses, templates in addition to access to both one-on-one and live coaching calls with me!

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You can unlock FULL access to this 14 day challenge now by signing up for the VIP pass.

In this 100K/Year Challenge, I'll spend 14 days helping you set up a framework for your membership site that will allow you to scale and grow your business. You'll also have full access to the Q/A call recordings!

You can watch the challenge videos plus Q/A recordings anytime (evergreen). 

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Are you struggling to generate traffic and convert users into customers? Join this challenge! 

I'll show you the right type of ads to create for your quiz-based lead magnets, how to generate traffic, several examples of ads done right, and also how to generate highly qualified leads for your business. Starts in November 2022! 

You can watch the challenge videos plus Q/A recordings anytime (evergreen). 

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Group Coaching Calls (join other VIP members)!

I'm known to overdeliver - whether it's my courses, challenges or my coaching sessions, you'll walk away with actionable ideas for your business that you can easily implement and instantly see results! 

You'll be eligible for 12 group coaching sessions with me and other VIP members each year. Each call will be 1 hour long. 

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One-on-One Calls with Me!

My coaching style is different! Whether you need marketing advice,  tech or implementation help, or just want to brainstorm ideas for your business, there's no one who can help you the way I can! 

You'll be eligible for 4 one-on-one coaching sessions each year as long as you are a member. Each call will be 30-40 minutes long. 

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We'll Build Quizzes for YOU!

This quiz-building special offer is currently available with the $99/year package. This special offer will expire on 10/10. After it expires, it'll only be available at $199/year price point. 

Here's how this will work:

1. You can pick the quiz type you want.

2. We'll create one main quiz for you.

3. We'll work with you closely to create the quiz as you understand your audience / business best.

4. We'll setup a 1/2 hour call with you to brainstorm ideas or you can share what type of quiz you would like and all the details on the call.

5. We'll need you to give us the questions/answers/possible outcomes. We can work together on this.

6. My team will build the quiz.

7. If you give us access to your site, we'll upload the quiz to your site. Otherwise we'll give you a zip file that you can import.

8. We'll do one final call to show you what we  have done.

9. We'll also be building several Facebook Ad Ready Quiz Templates (based on some popular ones). You'll get free access to all of the templates. 

You can import to your site, make updates and use the templates if you want.

10. This is just one of the several benefits of becoming a VIP member :-)

What else?

You'll also get FREE access to all of my templates (sales page, opt-in page, quiz templates, etc.)

You'll get FREE access to all of my upcoming courses/challenges/trainings (as long as you are an active member).

How to Upgrade

If you've signed up for my 14 day or list building challenge, and want to upgrade to VIP membership, let us know via the contact form below and we'll send you a coupon code to upgrade! 

Hope to see you on the inside!

When do the LIVE calls start?

I'll reach out to in the coming weeks to schedule your first one-on-one call where we'll come up with a plan for your site and you can ask me any questions you may have.

I'll be starting the group coaching calls in October. I'll start with one call per month (1 hour call), but depending on participation/questions, I'll change it to 2 times a month! 

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