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Our Entire Course / Challenge Library

Get started whenever you want! You'll get instant, lifetime access to these challenges. Take the challenge at your own pace. All the challenge lessons are available in the member dashboard.


You can unlock FULL access to this 14 day challenge now by signing up for the VIP pass.

In this 100K/Year Challenge, I'll spend 14 days helping you set up a solid framework for your membership site, and show you step-by-step how to setup and launch different types of products from your membership site.


Struggling to generate traffic and convert users into customers? Join this challenge!

You'll learn how to generate high quality traffic, convert them into leads, how to create, setup and offer lead magnets from your site, what type of quizzes to create, what to say in your quiz-based ads & more!


Signup for my newsletter" is NOT going to get it done! This 7 day challenge will show you step-by-step how you can double your newsletter subscription -  from the signup page design to the welcome series content, you'll be ready to go live with your newsletter by the end of this challenge. 

You'll also get FREE Access to ALL the training, courses, challenges, etc. that we already have PLUS everything we release in future (as long as you have an active membership). The next challenge (Funnel Building) will be in May/June 2023! 

"My coaching style is different! 

I'm a techie marketer. You'll find my tech skills combined with my unique marketing and no-fluff coaching style, refreshingly different from other so-called marketing 'experts' where they are more interested in selling and pitching their own products than helping you with yours!

I'm known to overdeliver - whether it's my courses, challenges or my coaching sessions, you'll walk away with actionable ideas for your business that you can easily implement and instantly see results! 

I use my own products to run my entire business. I only teach what I've gotten results from. No high level stuff! I lead my example. You'll  not just learn practical tips and strategies but step-by-step implementation as well! 

Don't spend your hard earned money on coaching programs from people that make big promises to sell their service but are really not invested in your success! Whether you need marketing advice,  tech or implementation help, or just want to brainstorm ideas for your business, this is a no-brainer membership for YOU! "

Group Coaching

Join other cool VIP'ers on this call once a month. I send out meeting agenda prior to the call. We also do live Q/A.

One-on-one Coaching

You'll be eligible for 4 (1/2 hour each) one-on-one coaching sessions each year as long as you are a member. 

One-on-one + Group Coaching

You'll be invited to 12 group coaching sessions with me and other VIP members each year. Each call will be 1 hour long.

You'll also get access to call recordings.

You can also schedule, 4 (1/2 hour each) one-on-one coaching calls with me to plan, strategize, brainstorm ideas and help with implementation. You can do this every year as long as your membership is active.

🎉 We'll Build your Quiz 🎉

Anyone can create a quiz but if you want a quiz that stands out, gets your audience's attention and gets them to engage and complete the quiz, we can help you with that!

As part of this All Access VIP Pass, you'll also get Quiz-Building help directly from my team! You'll only be eligible for this service if you have VIP access and use as your quiz plugin.

  • We'll setup a 20-min call with you to brainstorm ideas for a quiz. If you already know what you need but just want us to build it out, you could just send us the details in a google doc.
  • Send us your quiz title, questions, answers, outcome etc. 
  • We'll build out the quiz based on the details you send us. If you give us access to your site, we'll upload the quiz to your site. Otherwise we'll give you a zip file that you can import to SQB and publish on any page. 
  • Please NOTE:  If your quiz has 10 questions or less, we'll build the quiz for you. Otherwise, we'll guide you on how to build the quiz, setup a quiz template / layout for you, but you'll have to add the questions and setup the rest of the quiz in the template yourself.    

Steal My Templates - Facebook ads, Quizzes & Site Templates

You'll also get FREE access to all of my templates (sales page, opt-in page, quiz templates, Facebook Ad templates, etc.)  

Pre-Built Quizzes
Facebook Ad Templates
Steal my Templates
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