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"I'm not able to convert my list into sales"

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who is just starting out and completely overwhelmed, or have an existing business but struggling to grow your email list, or you are just not able to generate consistent, stable, recurring income to support the financial freedom you crave, you have come to the right place!

Let's fix this, shall we?

Hi there! I'm Veena Prashanth! 👋

In my 14 years of helping hundreds of online business owners, one thing I notice quite often is...

Many people tend to complicate simple things and don't realize they are putting roadblocks in their own path to online success!

I'm a techie marketer with the gift of simplifying complex things and breaking it down in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement format.

My technical background (I've created several popular plugins that are being used by thousands of online business owners worldwide) combined with my passion for marketing (interactive content is my middle name 🙂), gives me an unique perspective that I share through my coaching, templates, courses, trainings, and done-for-you services.

Hi Veena - I have been in internet marketing since 2008 and I have never met a 

marketer like you. You listen to your users, you're improving your products

 all the time. You care for your products even after the product launch!

Erik Immerkaer

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I just have 2 Questions for YOU!

The BEST All-in-one membership Experience!

I run a successful 7-figure, recurring revenue generating online business, all powered by my own plugins! I sell all kinds of products. Everything is automated and it all runs like a well-oiled machine!

You know why?

I keep things simple! If I've a great idea, I quickly validate it (survey), presell it to confirm interest, then create the content and launch it within 6-8 weeks! 

Every launch teaches me new things and I use that knowledge and customer feedback to continue to make my offers and products better! 

Keeping things simple allows me to focus on what's important and that's serving my customers, and helping them save time, money and effort through my products and services. 

Come hang out with me

People often tell me they find me refreshingly different from the "I will show you how to make money online" marketers who make big promises to get you to buy but disappear once they have sold you their program. 

I never preach what I haven’t practiced! My personalized one-on-one coaching and group coaching will show you the ropes and help you build out a powerful, personalized strategy for growing your online business.

I'll tell you this....

You haven't experienced a membership quite like this!

I hope to see join the VIP family!

What's included in the VIP membership?

Your journey to financial freedom starts here

You'll get access to ALL of the courses, challenges, trainings, bonuses, templates in addition to access to one-on-one and group coaching calls with me! A no-brainer purchase!

One-on-one coaching

My coaching style is different!

I'm a techie marketer. You'll find my tech skills combined with my unique marketing and no-fluff coaching style, refreshingly different from other so-called marketing 'experts' where they are more interested in selling and pitching their own products than helping you with yours!

You'll be able to schedule 4 (1/2 hour each) one-on-one coaching sessions with me each year as long as you are a member. We'll talk about your specific goals and I'll help you with whatever you want the most help with in these sessions.

Group Coaching

We meet once a month for 1 - 1.5 hours. We've great participation from the VIP community. You'll also get access to the call recordings. 

I also invite special guests that share any new marketing, list building or membership strategies that's working for them. We also do live Q/A. You can also send me any questions you have ahead of time or anything specific you would like me to cover on the call. 

Unlock Instant Access to Challenges/ Courses

As a VIP, you'll get full access to ALL of my

courses, challenges, trainings, bonuses and templates

All of these are self-paced challenges! You can start anytime. You'll find all the lessons in your VIP dashboard.

Membership Site Challenge

Step-by-Step Blueprint to consistently generate 100K/Year Revenue from your Membership Site!

List Building Site Challenge

Learn how to add 300-500 NEW, Highly Qualified Subscribers
that are READY to BUY from YOU, in just 60-90 days.

Newsletter Challenge

Everything You Need to Know to Start and Grow a Successful Email Newsletter!

Presell Site Challenge

Enroll At Least 5 Paying Students Before You Create ANY Content For Your Product Or Course - In Just 5 Days!

Sales Funnel Challenge

How to create a recurring revenue generating sales machine using the right type of funnels for your business.

In their own words...


I just completed the 14 Day/100K Membership site challenge and I am absolutely amazed at how much actionable information and strategies were included in each lesson. Veena explains what she will teach, why it's important and then goes the extra mile of showing step by step how to do it. She even provides templates to make it easier to implement!


This challenge closes the gap between product launch success and failure. It challenges you to learn what your prospective customers actually want, not what you THINK they want. It then gives you the tools and techniques to implement the processes and the marketing.

Blaine Hadlock


WOW!!! Another home run hit with this challenge. 

What I found most useful was your AI PROMPT .... what a time saver. Thank you! What to include in the initial EMAIL to, basically, a cold contact has always been a challenge for me. Your prompt resolved that problem wonderful! Thanks for the Challenge and I look forward to the next.


I just got done with the 5-Day Presale Challenge and it was great! It was super easy to go through the content and follow the actionable items. You can tell that Veena has really done her homework. She has a knack for distilling down the most important information, so you can get all set up and start making sales right away! If you're an entrepreneur and want to get off your butt and actually make some easy sales for a new digital product, then this offer is a no-brainer!

Michael Montefusco

I have got many gold nuggets from her in most of her content.

Kishore Mirpuri

Veena is great! I have been following her for more than two years already. I got into the VIP offer as I have a full-package for the year for group calls , 1-1 training or build my quiz offer with the VIP status which is cheap!! Interactive content is the best way forward and a quiz funnel works wonders. Follow Veena Prashant for free on SM channels if necessary. I have got many gold nuggets from her in most of her content.

This is probably the best course that exists on this topic!

Kirill Hord

I always thought about creating a quiz, but I was held back by the complexity and not understanding what to ask and how to use it all. This challenge opened my eyes to the power of using quizzes. I am very grateful for such a detailed and practical course.. This is probably the best course that exists on this topic. And the SQB plugin is really the best quiz plugin for WordPress. Thank you for such a great challenge & plugin.

🎉 We'll Build your Quiz ðŸŽ‰

Anyone can create a quiz but if you want a quiz that stands out, gets your audience's attention and gets them to engage and complete the quiz, we can help you with that!

As part of this All Access VIP Pass, you'll also get Quiz-Building help directly from my team! You'll only be eligible for this service if you have VIP access and use as your quiz plugin. 

  • We'll setup a 20-min call with you to brainstorm ideas for a quiz. If you already know what you need but just want us to build it out, you could just send us the details in a google doc.
  • Send us your quiz title, questions, answers, outcome etc. in a google doc.
  • We'll build out the quiz based on the details you send us. If you give us access to your site, we'll upload the quiz to your site. Otherwise we'll give you a zip file that you can import to SQB and publish on any page. 
  • Please NOTE:  If your quiz has 10 questions or less, we'll build the quiz for you. Otherwise, we'll guide you on how to build the quiz, setup a quiz template / layout for you, but you'll have to add the questions and setup the rest of the quiz in the template yourself.    
  • We will only be able to help you with ONE quiz / year of your Annual Membership. Or a total of 3 quizzes with your VIP LIFETIME membership. 

Steal My Templates - Facebook ads, Quizzes & Site Templates

As a VIP member, you'll also get FREE access to all of my templates (sales page, opt-in page, quiz templates, Facebook Ad templates, etc.)  

Pre-Built Quizzes
Facebook Ad Templates
Steal my Templates
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The Ultimate VIP Experience!

Join hundreds of other creators, membership site owners, and marketers growing their businesses on the WordPress platform. 


Get exclusive access to everything - all trainings, challenges, courses, live calls, Q/A calls, bonuses, etc.



  • Invite to ALL group calls (once-a- month).
  • Access to call recordings.
  • 1/2 hour one-on-one coaching calls with me - 4 times a year.
  • Full Access to ALL Challenges, Trainings, Courses.
  • Access to Templates.
  • Yearly Renewal.
VIP - Coaching

Flexible Zoom sessions tailored to your needs (discuss tech stack or business strategy). Also access to group calls.



  • Invite to ALL group calls (once-a- month).
  • Access to call recordings.
  • 1/2 hour one-on-one coaching calls with me - 3 times a year.
  • Yearly Renewal.
VIP Courses / Challenges

Access to all courses, challenges, trainings and templates. No calls included. 

No Black Friday Discount on this one.



  • Full Access to ALL Challenges.
  • Yearly Renewal.

Get exclusive access to everything - all trainings, challenges, courses, live calls, Q/A calls, bonuses, etc.



  • Invite to ALL group calls (once-a- month).
  • Access to call recordings.
  • 1/2 hour, one-on-one calls with me - 8 calls total.
  • Full Access to ALL Challenges, Trainings, Courses.
  • Access to Templates.
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